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One of the essential tools for evaluation of heel pain is ultrasound high definition imaging. With this diagnostic tool,  we can see if the planter fascia is excessively thickened and to what extent.  For example typical thickness would be 3- 4 mm. But in severe cases it can be 7 mm or even up to 11 mm thick.  This can be especially helpful when comparing to baseline or the non-symptomatic side.

In some cases there has been plantar fasciitis in the past on the non-symptomatic side or some individuals have plantar fasciitis affect on the both the right and left foot which does make baseline comparison a challenge.  So when we see a severe case of plantar fasciitis with severe thickening of the fascia then we know it will be even more resistant than typical.  That means that we have to consider some some of the treatment options for resisting cases such as shockwave therapy or PRP.  We still have to do all of the other traditional treatments for plantar fasciitis.   

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What is it?

Burning or tingling can be one of the most challenging symptoms to treat in the foot. The number one reason patients have burning of tingling in the foot is neuropathy. Neuropathy is a disfunction of the sensory nerves in the lower extremity. The most common cause for neuropathy is diabetes. High levels of glucose in the body can attack the nerves and lead to burning and tingling. There are other causes including medications, alcoholism and exposure to toxic metals. Additionally, about 60% of neuropathy is idiopathic, meaning we are unable to identify a cause. Neuropathy typically gets worse as time goes on and can become quite debilitating for patients.

How can we help?

We understand how frustrating neuropathy can be and how emotionally taxing it can become. Our goal is to help identify the cause and to help decrease the factors that make it worse. We have now established a protocol that significantly reduces the symptoms of neuropathy. Recently I had a patient tell me he felt his feet for the first time in 10 years. We have a combination approach that is extremely successful. We utilize an FDA approved laser for neuropathy in combination with some vitamin supplements that are specifically designed for nerve pain.

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Bunion xray

There are many different procedures that can be selected for bunion surgery. These can range from head procedures, midshaft procedures and base procedures and even joint fusions. The procedure selected can often be related to other conditions of the foot as well as how large the bunion itself is and how the patient is. The most important part about procedure selection is having an examination by a physician radiographically and clinically.

The Lapidus procedure has been around for an extremely long time and provides great bunion correction. The Lapidus bunion procedure itself inherently is a little more challenging than some of the other bunion options. Recently new instrumentation has been developed to make the Lapidus bunion procedure easier and more reproducible. This cuts down on recovery and operating room time for the patient and ultimately improves outcomes.

At Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have been performing the Lapidus bunionectomy for years and on 100s of patients. The lapiplasty instrumentation has been extremely helpful we have seen increased patient satisfaction. If you are contemplating a bunionectomy I highly recommend an evaluation to see if the Lapiplasty is appropriate for your bunion.

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