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Prescription Custom Orthotics: Get the best!

Our goal is to keep you going on your feet!

Issaquah Foot and Ankle clinic specializes in orthotic prescription and biomechanical gait evaluation. We treat competitive athletes, recreational athletes, runners, weekend warriors and anyone who may experience pain or injury related to problematic form and function of your feet. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Problems in your feet can be magnified with every step, causing problems beyond your feet, including your knees, hips and back.

Dr. Brandon Nelson and Dr. Timothy Young have been successfully treating and resolving these problems with prescription custom orthotics. Why are they the best? Our doctors have four years of postgraduate training in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery and biomechanics, including gait evaluation and prescription orthotic therapy, were an integral part of the curriculum. Dr. Young has been in private practice in Issaquah, Washington since 1986. Dr. Nelson joined the practice in 2009 after completing his residency at Tacoma General Hospital in Tacoma. They have committed themselves to the highest levels of knowledge in this field.

Ideal foot function can help the rest of your body. When your foot has structural problems that change the way you walk, your whole body suffers. When your foot pronates excessively, it can cause abnormal torque and force on your knee. Some people develop chondromalacia patella or runner's knee. Some individuals have a very rigid high arch foot structure; these individuals may be prone to Achilles tendonitis. The shock wave at heel strike has to be disbursed by the soft tissue and bones above it. The first tendon to be impacted by this is the Achilles tendon. Some foot types cause more local problems in the foot itself, such as heel pain (plantar fasciitis). These are just several examples of how different foot functions can cause different problems.

What are prescription custom orthotics?

These are custom medical appliances that were traditionally made from a cast of your foot. We are now using the latest technology that records three dimensional images of your feet. Your foot is placed in its best functional position and then scanned using the scanner pictured to the right. The images are used as a form to make the prescription custom orthotics. The doctor completes a unique prescription, depending upon your specific problem and foot type. From this, the orthotic fits inside of your shoe to change and improve the biomechanics of your gait. Prescription custom orthotics may be prescribed for a variety of specific applications including running shoes, soccer shoes and ski boots. They fit your feet perfectly!

Every foot is unique

We have to evaluate gait and biomechanical measurements for each patient and specific problem. Once the problem is identified, then the orthotic needs to be carefully designed to address the specific pathology and foot type. There is no one perfect orthotic or insert. Each orthotic and its prescription is made from a digital image of the foot and then a variety of modifications are prescribed. In addition, the orthotic is balanced to place the foot in its best functional position, much like canting a ski boot on skis.

What do prescription custom orthotics help?

Specific problems we specialize in:

• Chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

• Severe pronation: Arch problems

• Knee pain (chondromalacia patella)

• Bunions & forefoot joint pain

• Morton's Neuroma

• Pediatric: heel pain & calcaneal apophysitis

• Growing pains, shin splints & posterior Tibial leg

• Lateral ankle: instability & peroneal tendonitis

• High arch problems: Achilles tendon

What to expect

• Evaluation of the specific problem. Specializing in medical evaluation of lower extremity mechanics along with foot and ankle pathology.

• A thorough gait examination including biomechanical assessment. This may also include computer enhanced gait evaluation and computer pressure mapping.

• Digital scans are recorded of your feet.

• The orthotic prescription is completed. The biomechanical data, along with the specific foot structural problem that is being addressed.

• The custom orthotic laboratory now steps in. The prescription custom orthotics are made from a combination of the digital images and specific modifications to the form. Specific materials are fabricated and bonded together to complete the finished orthotic.

• Now you have your new prescription orthotic. It is not uncommon to take several weeks or longer to adjust to the new gait modifications. Your feet are functioning in a different position and even the timing and use of muscle function has been changed.

• Relief! Finally your foot and your body are functioning more effectively. Your biomechanical problems have been precisely addressed. For many problems, prescription custom orthotics are simply the best treatment and in some cases, they can alleviate the need for surgery.

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