Neuropathy / Fibromyalgia

neuropathyNeuropathy is a condition in which the nerves in the body become damaged. This damage can occur due to a number of different causes, including physical injury, diseases, cancers, infections, diabetes, toxic substances, and disorders. Nerves from any part of the body, including the feet, can be damaged. When neuropathy affects the feet or other parts of the limbs, it is called peripheral neuropathy.

The symptoms of neuropathy vary greatly. Minor symptoms can include numbness, sensation loss, prickling, and tingling. More painful symptoms include throbbing, burning, freezing, and sharp pains. The most severe symptoms are muscle weakness, paralysis, problems with coordination, and falling.

Treatment depends upon the specific cause of neuropathy. If the neuropathy was caused by vitamin deficiency, diabetes, infection, or toxic substances, treating the condition can lead to the nerve healing and sensation returning to the area. If the nerve has died, however, sensation may never return to the area. Pain medication may be prescribed for less serious symptoms. Certain topical creams may work to bring back sensation. Electrical nerve stimulation may be used for a period of time to stimulate nerves, and physical therapy can strengthen muscles and improve movement. Surgery may be necessary if pressure on the nerve is causing the neuropathy.

Non-surgical Treatment

In developing a treatment plan, your foot and ankle surgeon will first determine how long you’ve suffered symptoms of neuropathy and evaluate its stage of development. Treatment approaches vary according to the severity of the problem.

Dietary Supplements: Dietary supplements can be extremely helpful in improving the overall health of the body. Some dietary supplements can be useful in reducing inflammation of the nerve tunnel, as well as managing pain.

Red Light Therapy Slippers: Red light therapy slippers are a non-invasive, quick and easy way to relieve nerve pain. The light can penetrate deep to the joints and soft tissue, targeting those problem areas that need more attention.

MLS Class IV Laser Treatment System: This procedure targets pain points and reduces inflammation through the use of a laser light. This particular laser treatment has an innovative multi-targeting function, allowing treatment for a wider surface area. It not only increases the speed of recovery, but helps improve blood flow and alleviate pain. Improved immune function, as well as improved vascular and metabolic activity, are just some of the benefits of choosing MLS Laser Therapy as a treatment option.