What Does Shockwave/EPAT Do?

What Does Shockwave/EPAT Do?


What does shockwave/EPAT do?

We use shockwave for various conditions. For example, with plantar fasciitis the plantar fascia does not have great blood supply. So, with plantar fasciitis, shockwave is extremely effective. The body thinks it is being traumatized and this in turn stimulates additional blood flow to help the plantar fasciitis resolve. The shockwave treatment also stimulates the release of local healing factors that your body has available but aren't normally released or readily available . For example, these healing factors would be released during an injury. So again, this shockwave treatment simulates an injury but it's not creating any real trauma (just fooling the body) .

Over time, shockwave helps allow for long-term healing of the tissues, rather than just masking the problem.

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