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Achilles Tendon

Many athletes will suffer from the dreaded Achilles tendonitis.  Increased training and often a change in activities can precipitate this pathology.  It is quite frustrating and can sideline many active patients.  I personally have dealt with this issue and can understand the challenges associated with it. 

The Achilles tendon is the main unit in the lower extremity for the push off phase of gait.  It contracts and helps individuals with forward motion.  It is constantly under load and being utilized with every step.  It is a wonder that more people don’t suffer from tendonitis.

The main cause continues to be overuse.  It often is seen in runners and joggers and triathletes.  In my office, runners seem to suffer from it.  Runners seem to have the biggest demand on this tendon and overuse is quite easy.  However, they are not the only one’s, basketball players seem to be affected as well.  Probably related to the loading requirements of jumping.   Regardless of the causes, it is important to seek help early in the process. 

Early intervention seems to be the key in recovering from Achilles tendonitis.  I also encourage stretching to all my athletes.  It is an easy thing to skip as it is time consuming and we can be pinched for time.  Additionally, hydration is essential and I find collagen supplements to be beneficial as well.  If you have any signs or symptoms do not delay.  I can help get you back out participating in your favorite activities. If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today. 


Dr. Brandon Nelson 

Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is the primary tendon utilized in gait. Meaning that every step, every jump, every run you take you puts mechanical pressure on it. This can result in a lot of wear and tear on this tendon. This can begin to manifest as some pain and even swelling in the Achilles. The irritation usually begins where it attaches to the foot or a few inches above the ankle. Most people that experience Achilles’ tendon pain will be avid exercises. Additionally, it seems to be men rather than woman and between the ages of 40-60.

Evaluating the condition of the tendon before treatment is important. A thorough exam by a physician is essential. There are a lot of factors that play a role in Achilles’ tendonitis and these need to be addressed. These range from foot structure, to training errors to tight muscles. An x-ray or even and MRI may need to be part of the evaluation process. Once the deforming forces and anatomical issues are identified a recovery program can begin.

I encourage anybody with Achilles’ tendon pain to seek help from a physician. This tendon is known to often take months before returning to a normal state. While it is inflamed you run the risk of rupturing the tendon. If the tendon ruptures surgery is required and it can take 6-12 months to completely heal from that scenario.

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Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is the work horse of the lower extremity. It provides forward propulsion and is the thickest, strongest tendon in the human body. It basically never has a chance to rest if you are walking. The tendon itself is made of three different muscles and contracts to provide power. That is why it is one of the most common tendons to experience tendonitis in.

It is probably the most common type of tendonitis we see in the office. I would also say it is one of the most challenging to treat. The challenge is it's constantly in use and the number one cause of Achilles tendonitis is overuse. We see a fair amount as the summer starts and people get outside. The other big culprit is a new exercise program. Most of these patients are usually men and around the age of 40.

I encourage patients to get in early and treat this aggressively. The Achilles tendon is notorious for taking a long time to return to a normal state and recover from tendonitis. The earlier and more aggressive the treatment the better the long-term outcomes. Focusing on eliminating the abnormal pull of the Achilles and stretching provide relief. There are numerous opportunities to administer more advanced treatment options that utilize the body's own ability to heal. These techniques seem to have the best long term outcomes. If you are suffering from Achilles’ tendon pain we can help.

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