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Bunion surgery is the most common foot surgery done in the United States.  There are many different techniques to correct a bunion.  Most involve either cutting of a bone or fusion of a bone.  All involve realignment of a joint in order to improve the function and appearance of the foot. 

I have now been practicing medicine and surgery for over 15 years.  I am a podiatrist in Issaquah and have had the opportunity to help 1000’s of patients with bunions.  Bunions can be extremely painful and the majority of people will require them to be fixed at some point. This experience has led me to utilize Lapiplasty on the majority of my patients.

Why the Lapiplasty?

1.      It provides correction at the center of a bunion deformity

2.     It has been proven to have the best long term outcomes

3.     It stabilizes the foot structure

4.     It does an excellent job for large bunions

5.     It has been utilized for over 100 years

I encourage anybody with a bunion to get evaluated by a surgeon that performs a significant amount of bunion corrections annually.  Experience can make a big difference in outcomes and the Lapiplasty is a technically difficult procedure to execute.  If you have a bunion and would like to discuss the Lapiplasty make an appointment with Issaquah’s top Podiatrist at 425-391-8666 or make an online appointment.


Dr Brandon Nelson

Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgeon


Bunions are an inherited foot deformity that can be exasperated by shoe gear and activities.  They are created when your first metatarsal begins to shift out of place to stabilize your foot.  They usually become worse with time and eventually cause pain and discomfort.  Many patients require surgical intervention. 

The surgical correction of a bunion can have great outcomes and provide long lasting benefits.  In the United States there are many different approaches to correction of a bunion.  I have been operating long enough to have had experience in most of these procedures.  That is why my bunion correction of choice is Lapidus or Lapiplasty.

The Lapidus or Lapiplasty is a procedure that dates back almost 100 years.  It was first described by Dr Lapidus and to date has stood the test of time for bunion correction.  It involves utilizing a fusion of 2 bones at the apex of the bunion or where the bunion starts.   This provides dynamic correction and great long-term stability.  I find patients are happy with their new foot structure and often want the other side fixed as well.

If you have been contemplating bunion surgery, give me a call.  I have an onsite surgery center that saves time and money.  IV sedation provides for a great experience.  If you would like a consultation for your bunion I can help.  Call to make an appointment with me at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online.


Dr Brandon Nelson

American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons

Bunion xray

I have been operating on bunions now for over 15 years and have seen all sizes and shapes of bunions.  It is interesting to see the techniques that have come in and out of favor.  I have had an opportunity to watch as the Lapiplasty has moved to the forefront of surgical procedures for bunion correction.  I believe this is a great option for bunion repair and am excited to see what the future holds in regard to the Lapiplasty.

I find the Lapiplasy highly successful for large bunions or patients with flatfeet.  The Lapiplasty provides great correction and faster recovery.  It is an easily reproducible procedure with gigs and guides to help with correction.  It provides for stable fixation and allows for early weight bearing.  It can be used at all ages and helps to maintain long term correction.  The system is revolutionary for surgeons and has taken years to develop.

I can say I am excited to continue using this system and to help my patients with bunions.  It is wonderful to have a tool set like the Lapiplasty at my surgery center and to help so many patients walk normally again.  If you have been contemplating bunion correction I would love to share this exciting new technology with you. Give us a call today at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today.


Dr Brandon Nelson

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After years of experience and 1000s of bunion surgeries I have taken some time to reflect back on different techniques and procedures.  I have seen new products and new surgeries come in and out of fashion.  Every few years a new health care company will introduce fancy new products that they want us surgeons to utilize.  I have seen many new instruments and new ideas that are supposed to revolutionize outcomes and provide time and cost savings.  It is interesting that things seem to always come back to the tried and true techniques that have been around for years. 

The two most prolific bunion correction surgeries are the Lapidus and Austin bunionectomy.  These two procedures have been around for years and have corrected 100’s of thousands of bunions.  They continue to be the work horses of bunion surgery as they have predictable outcomes and long term follow up.  I utilize both and have found the majority of bunions have great correction when one of these two techniques are used. 

There is currently a lot of buzz around the Lapiplasty procedure and for good reason.  It employs a surgical technique, the Lapidus, that has been around for almost 100 years.  This procedure was brought to the forefront by a Surgeon in Seattle named Sigvard Hansen.  Dr Hansen has since retired and is considered by many to have been a pioneer in the field.  Some of us were lucky enough to spend time with him and learn his techniques and continue to utilize the Lapidus bunionectomy.  The Lapiplasty is a tool kit that helps surgeons perform this procedure.  It has helped to make outcomes more reproducible and simplified the technique. 

The Lapiplasty is one of my most common procedures and I find it to have predictable and reproducible outcomes.  If you have a bunion and would like to see what kind of candidate you are please contact my office and I would be happy to help. Give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today. 


Dr Brandon Nelson

Bunion xray

The Lapiplasty technique has created an effective tool for bunion surgery.  The foot and ankle surgeon community has seen a reproducible tool that has helped revolutionize bunion surgery.  This procedure has helped bunion surgeons get the best possible correction with incredible long term outcomes.  The Lapiplasty combines a tried-and-true bunion surgery technique with modern jigs and fixation.  Bunion surgery is challenging and any tools that can help with getting better outcomes are looked upon favorably.  This is the case for the Lapiplasty system. 

As a Board-Certified Surgeon and Physician and somebody that has done 1000’s of bunion surgeries, this is a welcomed tool in my armamentarium.  I have found that Lapiplasty is a game changer.  I find my results are outstanding and long lasting.  I look forward to helping more patients with bunion recover faster and returning earlier to activities is a giant plus! If you suffer from bunion pain come see if you are a candidate for Lapiplasty. Give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today. 


Dr. Brandon Nelson

Bunion xray

Bunion surgery
is by far the most common surgery I perform. In an average year I fix approximately 100-200 bunions. I have been operating now for 15 years and that adds up to a lot of bunions. That is why I am excited about a new option for helping my patients with bunions. The Lapiplasty is a new option that helps correct bunions. The procedure itself has been around for greater than 50 years however this new instrumentation system allows for quicker healing times and smaller incisions. Please watch this video to see an introduction to the Lapiplasty.

The Lapidus technique to fix a bunion has proven to be one of the best options we have available for bunion surgery. We have been using this technique for years and it has proven to have excellent results and long term outcomes. The Lapiplasty technique is a modification to an existing procedure that improves patient recoveries. See this video for an explanation of the surgical technique.

If you are suffering from a bunion and are finally ready to have it fixed schedule and appointment today. Dr. Nelson has extensive experience with the Lapidus and can help you fix your bunion and get you back to the activities you love. Give us a call today at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online.

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