Dr. Brandon Nelson Discusses Ball of Foot Pain, Neuromas and Capsulitis

Dr. Brandon Nelson Discusses Ball of Foot Pain, Neuromas and Capsulitis

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It is very common for our clinic to see patients that present with pain in the front of their foot. Often times patients have been dealing with this condition for months. Most patients will describe a burning or a feeling of walking on a bubble or that their sock feels balled up. There is usually no underlying injury and many patients will have a bunion with this foot type as well. The two most common diagnosis that encapsulate forefoot pain are 1. Capsulitis and 2. Neuromas.

Capsulitis refers to a general inflammation of a joint or a joint capsule. All joints are defined by where two bones come together, that share a common joint capsule with fluid inside and both bone ends are covered with cartilage. This joint capsule, fluid and cartilage allow gliding or motion to occur. Whether the joint is being overloaded or stressed can cause irritation, swelling, pain and sometimes stiffness. The most common spot for this to occur in the lower extremity is the second metatarsal phalangeal joint. This can be quite painful and make walking and exercise difficult. Most patients with this condition have an underlying unstable foot that causes the joint to be overloaded. It is important to see your foot and ankle doctor as this condition can lead to dislocation of the toe and chronic pain.

Neuromas are an irritation of the digital nerves of the foot. Most commonly patients describe a burning or lump in the front of the foot. This pain is often worse in shoes. The neuroma is usually between the 3rd and 4th toes and more often in females than males. We do not often see an underlying condition that causes neuromas. This is usually the result of ones anatomy and not related to the overall structure of the foot. Your foot and ankle doctor can typically diagnosis this with a physical exam and an x-ray or ultrasound.

If you are suffering from ball of foot pain, capsulitis or neuromas we can help. We combine the most advanced treatment options available with recent literature and have seen great relief from conservative measures. Do not continue to suffer call us today and we can help.

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