Bunions and Second Toe Capsulitis Part 1

Friday, 24 August 2018 10:41

Bunions and Second Toe Capsulitis Part 1

A bunion is due to a number of different conditions but one of them is the entire first metatarsal being out of alignment. The metatarsal becomes out of alignment including the entire metatarsal becoming elevated. When this happens the next weightbearing bone over which is the second metatarsal gets disproportionate pressure. The second metatarsal and the second MTP joint or second metatarsophalangeal joint is not designed for that increase weightbearing pressure and stress.


When this happens usually either the individual gets capsulitis or even a dislocated second MTP joint, a stress fracture of the second metatarsal, or arthritis of the midfoot where the second  metatarsal meets the rest of the foot. Therefore as part of the treatment for severe cases we usually have to correct the bunion and get the first metatarsal back into alignment to shift pressure off the next in line second metatarsal.  


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