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Dr. Timothy Young
, Board-Certified Foot Surgeon, Discusses Painful Bumps and Bones That Stick Out on Children's Feet

We see a lot of children at our clinic. There are a number of different problems that they come in for. A common complaint is a painful bone that sticks out on the inside of the foot or sometimes the outside of the foot. On the inside of the foot or medial aspect it may be that they have the beginning of a bunion or juvenile bunion. This is similar but often more aggressive than the adult form of a bunion involving prominence of the first metatarsal head. Further back on the foot on the inside (medial) aspect the navicular bone often has an accessory bone or accessory navicular.

Up to 10% of the population may have this. Also the navicular bone itself even without the extra or accessory bone may be quite prominent. This is much more of a problem in children that have low arches/hyperpronation or flat feet. The posterior tibial tendon that attaches this location is at a strong mechanical disadvantage. On the outside or lateral aspect of the foot there may be a tailors bunion or bunionnette. And a smaller percentage of the pediatric population will have a growth plate or and apophysis of the 5th metatarsal base. This is called Iselin's disease. We will go over each of these more detail in some of our following blogs and discussion.

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pair of blue-and-white Adidas running shoes

The weather is starting to get nice and all of us are wanting to get outside. I know I have dusted off my running shoes and have began to pound the pavement. I have suffered from heel pain in the past and as I start to run again it can rear its ugly head. I will often be a little sore after my run and it reminds me I need to take care of my feet. I once again start my routine of calf stretching and make sure to ease into my mileage. I will find my pro-stretch and specifically start targeting my plantar fascia. I will search the freezer for my frozen water bottle and start rolling my heels out after my runs.  Does all this sound familiar? Heel pain can really derail our exercise routines. 

I have found if I stretch and wear my prescriptive orthotics my heel pain is nonexistent. My prescriptive orthotics are specifically designed for running.  These are not inserts that are purchased at a shoe store or a running store. These are prescriptive medical devices that can only be made by a foot and ankle physician. I have been running for years and have spent year perfecting my orthotics. I love to pass on this knowledge to other runners that have suffered from heel pain. I even see a lot of runners that just want to prevent injury and wear and tear on their joints and these running orthotics really help your lower extremities. If you are a runner and are ready to take care of yourself give us a call today 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online.
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