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Dr. Timothy Young
 Discusses Achilles Tendon Injuries
Part 3
Dr. Timothy Young discusses Achilles tendon injuries without major tearing or rupture.

For these individuals, if it is a significant injury we will use a cast boot to protect Achilles tendon from further injury and or potential rupture. This is usually for minimum of four weeks. During this timeframe we can start shockwave therapy (EPAT). These individuals also will benefit from PRP injections. Once the initial acute phase has passed, patients can wear a special Achilles tendon brace and start nonimpact exercises such as aqua jogging or modified stationary bike exercises.

Some of this can be done under the direction of the physical therapist. One of the most effective long-term exercises to augment any Achilles problem is eccentric Achilles strengthening. This also can be done at home or under the direction of the physical therapist. There are numerous YouTube videos on this including a short one that we have provided from our clinic.

For some individuals with extremely large calf muscles and extremely tight calves and Achilles they may need to have a protective procedure done call a gastroc recessi. This is primarily for patients with chronic symptoms or who are at very high risk of reinjure of the Achilles tendon.

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Dr. Timothy Young
 Discusses Achilles Tendon Injuries and Rupture

Part 1

We see a number of Achilles injuries in our clinic. For most active individuals with a complete rupture the Achilles tendon we advocate surgical repair. During the surgical repair any of the significant internal bleeding or hematoma is removed to facilitate the repair itself. After the repair has been done during the surgery we often augment this with other treatment. The original injury blood clot itself does have components that may be beneficial but some of those components also can become excessive scar tissue. Eventual augmentation with shockwave therapy can also benefit these patients who have had open surgical repair of an Achilles rupture.

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