Dr. Timothy Young Talks About How Long to Wait for Bunion Surgery

Dr. Timothy Young Talks About How Long to Wait for Bunion Surgery


There are multiple factors to consider on timing for bunion surgery.

One consideration is that over time the bunion gets worse and it’s possible that a more corrective procedure will be needed that will take more time to heal, causing more downtime. Therefore "putting it off" can mean more concerns in the future. Another factor is the fact that this is surgery and it’s helpful to have family help for the first week afterwards. Some of our patients just can’t wait because the bunions are so bad. Then it’s helpful to have a family member help, especially if for example it’s a mother with small children.

Another factor as I mentioned is that the longer you wait the more other problems can develop. It’s not uncommon over time with a bunion to also develop a hammer toe with the second toe. So now there is another procedure that needs to be addressed surgically.
Overtime there is adaptation of the great toe joint with a bunion and more potential for adaptive changes and arthritis.

If you have a bunion and want to discuss treatment options and surgical treatments, please make an appointment to consult with my self - Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner - Dr. Brandon Nelson.
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