Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses the Lapiplasty Bunion Correction

Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses the Lapiplasty Bunion Correction

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Bunions are painful deformities that are common and can cause pain and discomfort daily.  Surgery for bunions has been around for over 100 years but recent advancements have made bunion surgery easier than ever.  Today we will discuss the Lapiplasty bunion procedure, its advantages and how it has changed the way we correct bunions. 

What is a bunion?

A bunion is an inherited foot issue that involves the deviation of a bone in your foot.  Specifically the 1st metatarsal begins to drift in the wrong direction making it difficult to fit shoes and can be quite painful.  Genetics play a big role in the development of a bunion and things like shoe gear can contribute to the bunion. 

Lapiplasty procedure

Convention bunion surgery often involves cutting the bone and realigning a joint.  This type of procedure has been utilized for years and is still the most popular bunion surgery in the world.  It has its applications and is appropriate for certain individuals.  The Lapidus or Lapiplasty focuses on larger bunions and people that have a more unstable foot.  It aims to correct the bunion in a more comprehensive approach and provides the best long term results.

It involves correcting the bunion in 3 planes, realigning the metatarsal, correcting the bunion at the root cause.  The joint where the bunion originates is cut and realigned and fixated to heal in the proper position.  Recovery can vary by patient and bone quality same with healing times.  I do recommend physical therapy and follow up is essential.

In conclusion Lapiplasty has revolutionized bunion correction and provides excellent long term results and is by far the best procedure for many patients.    

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