Dr. Brandon Nelson, Discusses How To Get Through Bunion Surgery

Dr. Brandon Nelson, Discusses How To Get Through Bunion Surgery

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Bunion surgery
can be overwhelming when one starts to think of all the logistics. It is important to start planning early in order to maximize outcomes and have a smooth recovery period. I have some advice that I think can be quite helpful for patients thinking about bunion surgery. Here are my top 10 tips:

1. Make a list of expectations for your surgeon. Bring a list to your preop and we are always happy to go through these.

2. Take a week off, be a couch potato. Sacrifice upfront will make it easier in the long run.

3. Know that you will have pain, discuss any concerns with your surgeon. Have all our pain meds/rxs filled before surgery.

4. Plan how you will get around, crutches, knee scooter, etc.

5. Have a central place in your house set up. Make it close to the bathroom and anything you will need to be comfortable.

6. Take a bone healing supplement this will decrease healing times.

7. Start your toe range of motion early this will help with stiffness.

8. Plan how you will shower, sleep and use the toilet.

9. Purchase some bandages, 4x4 gauze and coban.

10. Look at your post-op surgical schedule, when will you start walking, start ROM, be able to shower, etc.

Well I hope this is helpful and goodluck!

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