Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician and Surgeon, Discusses Bunion Pain

Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician and Surgeon, Discusses Bunion Pain

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Bunions can become extremely painful especially with exercise and shoe gear. The bunion itself becomes uncomfortable when the bone begins to protrude out of normal alignment. Many people wonder what has caused the bunion itself and why it is now painful. We will explore both of these thoughts and I will provide some insight as to what can be done.

Bunions we know are primarily a hereditary foot structure issue. What I mean by that is the foot structure or foot alignment is what causes the bunion. You inherit your foot from your family genetics and often the foot type you inherit may lead to a bunion. There is usually a family history of bunions, and this can often skip generations. There is a portion of the bunion as well that can be exacerbated by environmental factors. Shoe gear, i.e high heels can put more pressure on the front of your foot increasing bunion formation. Other factors include things like exercise or really anything that increases foot pressures. Even injury and trauma have been associated with bunion development. The bunion is a complex pathology that has both generic and environmental factors that lead to its formation.

Pain, pain is by far the most common reason people come to the doctor. The most frequents spots for bunion pain are right near the knuckle of the big toe or under the 2nd toe. The knuckle of the big toe, or technically the first metatarsal head begins to protrude out and cause pressure with shoe gear. This gets worse with time as the bunion gets bigger. The 2nd metatarsal or 2nd toe becomes painful as the bunion gets bigger and the foot less stable.

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