Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses Bunions and When To Fix Them

Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses Bunions and When To Fix Them

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Bunions are an inherited foot deformity that is made worse with time and shoe gear.  The size of a bunion increases as a person puts more mileage on their feet.  It is the natural progression of a bunion to get larger and eventually become painful or make it difficult to fit shoes.   I encourage anybody with a bunion to get evaluated early as there are tools to slow the progression of a bunion.  But let’s focus on when you should think about having your bunion fixed.

Bunion surgery has really changed in the last couple years and more people than ever are having their bunions fixed.  This is because research and techniques have advanced.  We have seen a shift to correcting bunions at the apex or center of rotation where they occur.  The most prevalent procedure is making a shift towards the Lapiplasty.  I personally have been using this procedure for years and find it has the best long-term outcomes.  So that leads us to when is the right time to fix a bunion.

I like to focus on the foot as an entire unit as the primary driver of when to fix a bunion.  If you look down at your foot when you unload it or take it off the ground what does the big toe position look like?  Is it crossing over or under the second digit?  If it is, you are ready to have your bunion fixed.  I advise my patients to have it fixed before this occurs.  If you catch the bunion early and have the foot stabilized with bunion surgery before it crosses over the second toe that is even better.  If you wait for the second toe to get involved, you will often need to have that toe operated on as well. 

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