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Heel pain
is always a challenge to deal with as a patient.  It can be very tiring on one’s nerves.  It is hard to wake up in pain and go to sleep in pain.  Especially if you have first step pain, that pain when you put your foot on the ground when getting and it makes you just want to just crawl back into bed.  Plantar fasciitis is challenging and can take time and effort to get rid of it.  The good news is that I can help.  I have seen 1000s of patients with heel pain.  I can help whether you have had it for a week or for a year. 

It is important to understand the cause of the pain.  Is it the fascia, is it the Achilles tendon or is it a pinched nerve.  Regardless of the reason, a thorough workup is paramount to helping fix the underlying cause.  At the very least an x-ray is useful and the first place to start.  New types of shoe gear and changes in training can be informative as well.  Additionally, what does the pain feel like, what have you tried so far and how long has it been present.  These are all great things to share with your provider and helpful in coming up with a treatment plan. 

If you have heel pain and it is not getting better I can help.  Make an appointment online or call us today at 425-391-8666. 


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