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Dr. Timothy Young, a Board Certified foot surgeon, discusses collagen supplements after surgery.
We have discussed at length supplements and the role with bone healing.  Today we're going to discuss supplements and tendon and soft tissue healing. Tendons are made of collagen. Many structures in the body have collagen skin hair nails and even bone.  Tendons especially have a very high collagen content.  Supplemental collagen is recommended, and for example 6000 mg per day total of the youtheory tablets is a good starting dose (3000 mg twice a day) .  

For example Achilles tendon surgery or repair of an Achilles tendon rupture.  Peroneal or posterior tibial tendon surgery.  In addition zinc (25 mg up to 50 mg per day) and boron  (3 mg per day) are supplements the can be helpful with deep tissue healing and wound healing.  It's important to note that zinc can compete with some other essential elements such as calcium and magnesium so it's best to take zinc by itself for example at lunchtime.  Remember there are always things that you can do to help your body heal.

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Dr. Timothy Young Talks About Crossover Toe

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This typically involves the second toe. This is where the second toe deviates toward the great toe and can even ride over the top of the great toe. When this happens, the structure back at the knuckle behind the toe itself (second MTP joint) becomes out of alignment and can be subluxed. In severe cases the joint can also dislocate. This causes a tremendous amount of stress on the 2nd MTP joint capsule. It's not uncommon for the capsule to become attenuated or stretched and thinned out. It can have partial tearing. This can lead to pain in the joint and inflammation with local swelling.
When this happens, it is important to address the underlying cause of this. It's very common for this to be aggravated by other associated condition such as a bunion. It is important to address all of the associated problems so for example in this case when should address both the crossover toe and the associated bunion. It is important to get the joint back into alignment and no longer subluxed. In most pronounced cases surgery is the only way to reestablish the correct alignment to the joint.
If you have concerns about your feet or crossover toe or bunion please come see us. Make an appointment online or give us a call at 425-391-8666. Both myself Dr. Timothy Young, and my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson
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How to maximize your recovery after bunion surgery, with soft tissue and bone healing.
Bunion surgery typically involves bone healing and soft tissue healing. The first metatarsal is typically realigned and the great toe joint has also been repositioned. There will be an incision and smaller incisions heal faster than larger ones. We always try to make your incisions as small as possible for this reason.
Bone healing can be enhanced in several ways. One recommendation is to take appropriate supplements. Ortho pro bono is a special bone healing supplement made by Ortho Molecular. I recommend that you take this during the first several months after bunion surgery. There are also special devices that enhance bone healing. These are bone healing stimulators. Some stimulators use ultrasound technology and some use an intermittent pulsed electronegative technology. Bone healing devices can be very expensive and the insurance companies will not always cover them. Smoking will classically prolong bone healing and therefore the insurance may consider the bone stimulator. If there are other high-risk situations this may also be something the insurance may be willing to allow coverage for these devices.
Proper casting after surgery or a cast boot is also critical. It is important to put weight on a part of the foot that won’t affect the bone healing of the first metatarsal. 
Soft tissue healing and swelling of tissues after surgery also should be addressed. Physical therapy can help regain normal range of motion of the great toe joint after surgery and is important. We can also reduce overall swelling during the postoperative course. Make sure that this is something that is addressed by your surgeon. I typically like to start patients with physical therapy 3-4 weeks after surgery.There are some studies that taking boron zinc and collagen can help with some soft tissue healing. It is especially important to take these extra supplements if you are a slow healer or have wounds that typically have a hard time healing.
Remember that after bunion surgery we want to maximize your soft tissue and bone healing to get you back to your normal activities as soon as possible.

If you have questions about bunion surgery we would be happy to see you at Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists. Either myself Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson.

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