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Capsulitis is an inflammation of a capsule or joint. Your joints are defined by where two bones come together and have cartilage on the opposing surfaces and a joint sac (capsule) that encircles the two ends of those bones. Additionally in the joint capsule is fluid which helps the joint to glide smoothly.

The human body has many joints, the human foot has the highest concentration of joints with 33. The foot is an extremely complex structure and small deviations in the alignment can cause significant problems.

Capsulitis can have many causes, one of the most common is abnormal wear of a joint. Abnormal wear of a joint is usually attributed to increase pressures in that joint and can ultimately lead to arthritis. In the foot instability of the big toe can increase pressure in the 2nd toe leading to inflammation of that joint, the 2nd metatarsal phalangeal joint or MTPJ. What is typically seen is a patient with a bunion or a flat foot that causes results in high pressures of the 2nd MTPJ and the net result is pain. The pain can present with swelling, numbness or tingling. The eventual progression of this can lead to dislocation of the toe or what we call a cross over toe.

If you have pain around the second toe, icing and stretching can be very helpful. However it is important to have your foot evaluated as this is usually a progressive deformity that can cause increasing discomfort and eventual structural changes. I recommend an x-ray and an overall foot exam. Often times there are great conservative options to help this condition and help patients return back to activities. If you have 2nd MTPJ pain give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today. 

Foot drop

is a generic term for inflammation of a joint or the joint capsule. A joint is where two bone come together and are covered with cartilage and surrounded by a joint sac filled with fluid. This allows the joint to glide smoothly and motion to occur. Joints can become painful, especially with abnormal movements or increased pressures. Capsulitis of the second metatarsal is a common condition in the foot.

Capsulitis of the second metatarsal or toe typically presents with pain or swelling under the second toe. Patients often describe a burning or tingling sensation that is worse with walking. The majority of people that experience this type of condition will have other foot and ankle pathologies that are contributing to the capsulitis.

Contributing factors for capsulitis can include a tight calf muscle or a bunion deformity. A tight calf muscle can cause increased pressure to the forefoot. A bunion can create instability and again overload the second metatarsal. Other factors that can play a role in the development are a flatfoot or even shoe gear and exercise patterns.

Second metatarsal capsulitis can be very challenging from a treatment standpoint. It is important to evaluate both feet and all presenting pathologies. An x-ray is a great place to start the evaluation and look at the generalized foot structure. If you believe you have capsulitis schedule and appointment today so we can help. Give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today. 

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