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Capsulitis/metatarsalgia is a term we use to describe inflammation of the forefoot. It specifically refers to inflammation of the joints in the front of the foot. This condition is usually associated with an underlying foot pathology like a bunion, an elevated bone or a tight calf muscle. This foot structure is usually inherited but can be brought on by injury.

Patients often describe a burning or swelling at the base of the toes and it gets worse with activities. Often patients will state they rub their feet and it feels better or even ice and notice some improvement. Tingling or numbness is another description we often hear. This sometimes improves with shoe removal.

The cause is usually from genetics, foot structure and mechanics. From a genetic standpoint there is often a bunion that is inherited or a flatfoot. The foot structure aspect is typically a long second metatarsal or an elevated 1st metatarsal. Mechanics can play a large role as well with tight Achilles tendons or increased pronation.

Treatment consists of addressing any contributing factor. I like to focus on the mechanics and foot structure specifically. An x-ray is helpful along with a detailed physical exam. If you are suffering from tingling, burning or swelling in your feet, or think you have capsulitis/metatarsalgia we can help.

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