Dr. Brandon Nelson Discusses Forefoot Capsulitis/Neuroma

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 04:45

Dr. Brandon Nelson Discusses Forefoot Capsulitis/Neuroma

Forefoot pain is a very common presenting symptom for patients at our office. We see a lot of people that have returned to activities or started a new exercise program that come in with forefoot discomfort. There are many different causes of forefoot pain. However, the most common are capsulitis and neuromas.


Capsuilitis is an inflammation of the joint and, in the foot specifically, an inflammation of the metatarsal phalangeal joint. Capsulitis often can present with some swelling to the forefoot and the pain goes away with rest often times. Patients often describe it as a dual ache or throbbing like sensation, additionally there is usually underlying foot pathology that contributed to this. Where the most common other presenting pathology with forefoot capsulitis is a bunion deformity. We see a lot of people with large bunion deformities that are overloading the forefoot getting a considerable amount of discomfort daily. It is important to have an x-ray in order to rule out additional causes like stress fractures and arthritis.


Neuromas involve an inflammation of your nerves. Typically we see this pathology with, but not limited to, people between the ages of 40 and 60. Neuromas will typically present with burning or sharp shooting type pain. Most patients will relate that the pain is relieved by staying off of the foot or by taking off their shoe and rubbing the foot. The most common space for neuroma is the third interspace we typically will be able to isolate this pathology with palpation. However I do recommend an x-ray to rule out other causes as well.

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