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  • After Five Injections My Pain Is Gone And I Am Walking Around Greenlake Again!
    After five years of living with my Mortons' Neuroma, after being told there was nothing that could be done, I found Dr. Nelson at the Issaquah Foot and Ankle Center. I researched a new procedure and learned that it was offered here. After five injections my pain is gone and I am walking around Greenlake again! Dr. Nelson is professional and honest, what a great staff.T.J. - Seattle
  • He Quickly Diagnosed My Foot Pain And Has Helped Me To Be Pain Free From Plantar Fasciitis In A Surprisingly Short Time.
    Dr. Nelson has been a very friendly and engaging doctor, who quickly diagnosed my foot pain and has helped me to be pain free from plantar fasciitis in a surprisingly short time.J.J. - Sammamish, WA
  • We Still Travel Back To Your Clinic Because Of The Special Technique That You Have Developed To Make Injections Less Painful.
    Dr. Young, our family has moved across the state. But, we still travel back to your clinic because of the special technique that you have developed to make injections less painful.K.M. - Issaquah, WA
  • Even After Driving 6 Hours From Montana – Kari And Susan Would Recommend Our Office And Shockwave Therapy!

    Both Kari and Susan have a mutual friend who tore her achilles and had to have surgery.  It took their friend the entire summer to heal. 

    Susan was talking about how her heel hurt and Kari said mine hurts too.  We started comparing the bumps on the back of our heels and how uncomfortable and sore it was.  Kari told Susan how she had a procedure done in Missoula, Montana, but no one was doing it there anymore.  She said we have to look into this, and she did.  It is very exciting, because we didn’t want to walk around all summer like our friend did.  If there was something that could be done like the Shockwave Therapy that wasn’t invasive and didn’t take as long to heel – they were all of it - plus Kari certainly had good results. 

    Kari stated that nine years ago, I had fought my left foot for 4 years and finally the doctors said we have this experimental thing that we would like to try, and I said that if it doesn’t involve surgery then please I would be willing to try it.  We did it and I went in for 10 minutes and never had to go back again.  Then four years ago, I started having issues with my right foot and I knew the exercises and kept it at bay for a couple of years, but then this last year in a half it kept getting worse and worse and worse and last year I went back to the same doctor, and he said no I am not doing Shockwave Therapy, but offered another procedure that was a heated unit, but I was going to have to go 10 times and the first 5 times there was absolutely nothing that was happening.  So I just dealt with it for a little while and then last Spring I started researching on the internet trying to find who provided Shockwave Therapy.  I would go on the website and put in Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy and all these places in Montana would pop up.  I would call these clinics and would say, “I see you do this and they would reply, oh we don’t do that.”  I said well your website says you do and after about the 5th time I realized the website companies were just going in and typing in plantar fasciitis and the same paragraph would pop up explaining what plantar fasciitis was and certain treatments that they would use.  So I told them that they might want to check their websites, because you say you are doing these procedures, but you are not.  So I kept looking, and I finally expanded my search out to Washington/Oregon and Issaquah Foot and Ankle popped up and the only reason I knew for sure that you probably did was because of a picture of the machine being used and I said that’s it!  So I went ahead and called and your office said, yes we do this.  

    I was so thrilled, but I was also looking that Dr. Timothy Young had dry needling too.  I wasn’t 100 percent sure what would be the best procedure when I visited with the previous nurse, and she said we have a couple of different things. We called to confirm before we took off that the appointments were still available, and he was still expecting us.  Dr. Young was nice enough to speak with me directly too to filter additional questions.  

    Dr. Young performed the Shockwave Therapy on both Kari and Susan and Kari was feeling relief from what she normally has had.  Just sitting - it usually stings, but Kari stated she was feeling fine.  They will be wearing an ankle brace for a little while.  Susan stated that orthotics have been ordered for them as well to provide additional support.   

    Kari said it was a really nice experience and our office was very accommodating.  Even after driving 6 hours from Montana – Kari and Susan would recommend our office and Shockwave Therapy! 

    Kari L. & Susan H. - Superior, Montana
  • She Has Now Returned To Hiking And Is Pain Free.

    Sandy Butler enjoys hiking in the Leavenworth area of Washington, but plantar fasciitis kept her from hiking.  She made the long distance drive to visit Dr. Timothy Young for a second opinion with pain persisting in the left heel of her foot.  Dr. Young administered an ultrasound guided dry needling procedure combined with electrical stimulation to help numb the nerves for dry needling.  Sandy stated, "the electrical stimulation went very well and helped ease the pain.  I only experienced pain once, because a nerve wasn’t fully numb."

    Sandy also used a cast boot for 4 weeks that allowed her to walk around home and was pain free during the healing process.  Dr. Young then modified her orthotics with gel cushioning for the heel that was very helpful.

    She has now returned to hiking and is pain free.  She described Dr. Young as being very nice, empathetic, easy to communicate with, and answered all her questions.   She would definitely recommend the dry needling procedure to all her friends and family.

    Sandy Butler - Levenworth, WA
  • There Was No Discomfort During The Whole Process, And I Highly Recommend This Type Of Treatment To Other Neuroma Patients.

    I have been suffering for 2 years with neuroma pain in my right foot.  I tried wearing wide shoes and orthotics, but these options did not provide pain relief.  Dr. Young suggested a series of (6) Alcohol Injection Therapy treatments to combat my neuroma.

    After (4) treatments, I have had wonderful results, and I am pain free thanks to Dr. Young's expertise and recommendation.  Dr. Young begins the treatment with an Electrical Stem to numb the area and then applies the Alcohol Injection Therapy.  There was no discomfort during the whole process, and I highly recommend this type of treatment to other neuroma patients.

    Terry S. - Kirkland, WA
  • Dr. Young Is Very Professional On Anything Foot Related.

    I had my orthotics checked. A devise for my toe was uncomfortable - he made a new one then and there. Plantar fasciitis was becoming inflamed during exercise - he recommended a foot cushion devise. (my appointment was only to have my orthotics checked).

    Dr. Young is very professional on anything foot related. I originally went in for nail problem and plantar fasciitis. Dr. Young asked if he could take x-rays, because he thought my foot problem may be due to an unseen fracture. He was very explanatory on all that he saw in the films and the recommended line of treatment. I will be seeing him for any foot problems.

    P.H. - Renton, WA
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