Mid Foot Bone Spurs and Surgery Part Two

Mid Foot Bone Spurs and Surgery Part Two


Mid foot bone spurs and surgery part two.

Surgery to treat a bony prominence in this area usually is very straightforward. It typically involves an incision directly adjacent to the prominence or bone spur. We surgically go down to the tissue layers and then expose the bony prominence. Then most commonly a power burr is used to smooth down the excessive bone in the area or sometimes a special surgical saw. The wound is cleaned up and flushed to remove any small bone fragments.

The remaining cut bony surface usually has an excellent blood supply and can cause swelling problems or even a small collection of blood like a hematoma. Therefore several different techniques can help deal with this. One is to use a small drain which allows for a path for the blood to escape the area, this is especially useful for the first several days postop.  Another strategy is to use bone wax to seal the bone.

Some Surgeons use topical fibrin to help clot exposed bleeding vessels that are small and embedded in the bone.  After the bone remodeling procedure is done, the soft tissue layers are closed and the procedure is then complete. Usually it’s a relatively quick recovery.  Remember that we are talking about a bony prominence without significant underlying midfoot arthritis.  The midfoot arthritis and surgical fusion of the involved joint can be a longer recovery.

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