Dr. Young Talks About Using a Scooter After Surgery

Dr. Young Talks About Using a Scooter After Surgery

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If you need to keep off your foot after surgery, then you can do this one of several ways. A scooter can be a very good option. If you have to use a scooter then you can plan on that ahead of time also. There are different ways of getting a scooter. One would be to use a medical supply company that could deliver it and possibly your insurance would pay for it. Many times our patients will look on craigslist, offer up or next-door and either buy a used one or in some cases they can just borrow one on a site such as next-door. 

Either way make sure that you practice with the  scooter, and make sure it is going to work in your situation. For example you may want to make sure that you’re on the main floor of your house where are use your scooter. Also, make sure that you have a plan to get up and down the stairs to you Your house. So you might need to use crutches for the house, and then keep the scooter in the car. You need to come up with a plan how to do this. Remember, it is easier to get your scooter before surgery and go through scenerios of where and how you are going to use it. When you’re done with the scooter you may be able to simply list it on craigslist or offer up or next-door and be done with it. 

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