Dr. Timothy Young discusses what to expect after Lapiplasty bunion surgery, focusing on post-op recovery.

Dr. Timothy Young discusses what to expect after Lapiplasty bunion surgery, focusing on post-op recovery.

Here are the key points:

  • Day of Surgery:
    • Arrival at the surgery center, where preparation and anesthesia discussions occur.
    • The surgery typically lasts around 2 hours, involving incisions, bunion removal, and toe joint realignment.
  • Recovery Timeline:
    • Post-operative care in the recovery room with monitoring and pain management.
    • Most patients go home on the same day.
  • First Weeks After Surgery:
    • Pain management with prescribed medication.
    • Swelling and bruising are normal; ice packs and elevation help.
    • Weight-bearing timeline varies, with gradual progression from non-weight bearing to partial weight bearing over weeks.
    • First 2 weeks after the Lapiplasty, using a scooter or crutches and keeping weight off week 3-6 after surgery you start to progressively bear weight with your boot. For example, at the beginning of week 3 you will spend 15 minutes per hour allowing weight with the boot on your heel. The following week you'll spend 20 - 30 minutes per hour with the boot and with the final week 45 minutes per hour with the boot.
  • Long-Term Recovery:
    • Physical therapy may be recommended after 4-6 weeks to restore strength and flexibility.
    • Driving can be as early as 6 weeks after surgery.
    • Using the stationary bike and upper body workout can be done as early as week 5 - 6 after surgery.
    • Gradual return to normal activities over several months. Bone healing and stability of the fusion site usually occurs after the initial 4 months. This is why it's necessary to wait for high-impact activities like jumping and running until 4 months.
    • Full recovery can take six months to a year.
  • Complications:
    • Working closely with our patients, our goal is to avoid complications such as infection, poor wound healing, nerve damage, or bunion recurrence.
    • Following post-operative care instructions is crucial to avoid these complications.
  • Conclusion:
  • Bunion surgery can be life-changing and literally change the structure of your foot.
  • Patients should follow their surgeon's advice for a smoother recovery and embrace a more comfortable, active lifestyle with patience and proper care.

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