Dr. Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Surgeon, Discusses the Austin Bunionectomy

Dr. Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Surgeon, Discusses the Austin Bunionectomy

Bunion xray

What is a bunion?

A bunion is a genetically inherited foot structure that leads to migration of your 1st metatarsal. The bunion itself is where the 1st metatarsal begins to protrude out the medial or inside of the foot. Nothing actually grows or forms new bone, but it is the deviation of the normal bone that creates the bunion. The bunion can continue to rotate and get larger until it creates hammer toes of the other digits. The bunion eventually causes pain and deformity that needs to be addressed surgically.

Bunion surgery:

One of the most common bunion surgeries is a head procedure. This involves cutting the metatarsal bunion and the end closest to the toe. The bone is then shifted back into place and held with a screw. This procedure works well for mild to moderate bunions and has a fairly quick recovery. The patient can walk the entire time and return to activities much sooner than other procedures.


The typical bunion surgery has a 5% recurrence rate. The majority of the bunions that return are from not following post-op instructions or other foot factors. It is important to have your surgeon address all other components of your foot and procedure selection should be based on these findings. An x-ray is vital for procedure planning and an overall foot exam to help determine what other pathologies are present.

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