Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses the Best Time to Have Bunion Surgery

Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses the Best Time to Have Bunion Surgery

austin bunionectomyaustin bunionectomy

Bunion surgery
can be highly rewarding for patients.  When you have a bunion that causes pain daily or pressure in the shoe it is a great time to think about having it fixed.  Having a bunion fixed these days is easy and it is done in an outpatient setting

Timing for some patients is critical.  Many patients want to plan around a certain time of year or holiday.  I personally believe that timing plays a big role and when it is easier in one’s life is a great idea.  What I mean is we can all be busy and certain times of the year are less busy.  Or for some certain times or the year are more important to patients.  If you are a big skier and winter sports are important, do it in the summer or vice versa.  Timing can be crucial but planning I feel is just as important.

Planning can also be extremely important.  I recommend thinking about being a couch potato for the 1st week and making sure you are prepared for that.  I think it is best to have food prepared, a place set up downstairs if that is appropriate, basically a command center you can live and work in.  A place with a bathroom nearby and any way you can minimize having to get up and move around.  Recovery is probably the next item we should talk about after planning.

Recovery varies by procedure and what other procedures were done.  It can be as quick as walking in a normal shoe in 6 weeks or more like 19 weeks.  Some procedures you will need to be on crutches as needed for pain others you may need them for 6 weeks.  One could be running around 3 months but others it may be longer.  It is important to be patient and allow adequate healing to occur and know it can often take up to 1 year.  If you are suffering from heel pain, especially if it has been going on for more than a couple weeks I can help. If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online. 


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