Dr. Brandon Nelson, A Board Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses Heel Pain

Dr. Brandon Nelson, A Board Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses Heel Pain

heel pain out of bed in the morning

Heel pain
can be very frustrating for anybody.  We often hear of symptoms ranging from burning and tingling to a bruised sensation in the heel.  The timing of the pain is typically after exercise or when first getting out of bed.  The length of symptoms have existed seem to be months to years.  Often there is no underlying injury and causes can vary by age but is more common in adults. 

Heel pain is a common symptom of many pathologies.   The most common being plantar fasciitis.  This is a condition where a band of support tissue on the bottom of the foot is inflamed.  It can become fatigued when overused.  The most common cause in children is inflammation of a growth plate.  This is often seen around sporting events or as children go through a rapid growth spurt.  Regardless, both have many options available for treatment.

Treatment always begins with an x-ray.  The x-ray is important to help rule out other causes and establish a diagnosis.  Once a diagnosis is established we can begin to find causes and contributing factors.  It is essential to identify things that may be potentiating the pain and dysfunction.  Then a treatment plan can be established that will help to mitigate symptoms and work on recovery. 

Recovery can be challenging as there may need to be a change in activities.  I often see a correlation with the amount of time the patient has had the pathology with the recovery length.  The longer a patient has had the issue the longer it can take to recover.  The most important factor is to see a physician that specializes in your problem so you can get the correct plan to heal.  If you have heel pain I can help please call  us at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today.


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