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Dr. Timothy Young
 Discusses Achilles Tendon Injuries and Rupture- Part 2

For those individuals that elect not to have surgical repair for an Achilles rupture, there will be a significant clot surrounding the damage portion of the Achilles tendon. This does serve a function and will help serve as a substrate that can later become scar tissue that helps augment the body's own Achilles repair. Because this is present from the original injury, additional treatment may be less beneficial for these individuals then with an open surgical repair.

After approximately three weeks post injury I would then recommend augmenting the Achilles injury with shockwave therapy (EPAT). The shockwave therapy is done at once per week, for total of five treatments. I always recommend supplemental collagen when there has been tendon damage and especially tendon rupture, whether open surgical repair or nonsurgical repair.

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