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Hammertoes are a common pathology I see in my office.  Most patients with curled toes have pain with activities and a hard time fitting shoes.  They describe a progression of the toes where other forefoot pathologies can be present. 



The most common cause appears to be foot structure and genetics.  We see patients that have flatter feet require increased pressure from the tendons in their toes to stabilize.  This repetitive pressure can cause pain and discomfort.  Some people will inherit a foot structure that can predispose them to hammer toes.  These foot structures are ones that often develop bunions as well.


The symptoms can vary from patient to patient.  The most common symptoms include swelling and pain.  Some patients relate a significant stiffness or bending to the toes that pushes in their shoes.    All can be painful, especially with physical activities. 


We have many options available for hammer toes.  But it should be noted it is based on the degree of the hammer toe.  How significant is the bending and contracture of the digit.  It is important to have a good clinical evaluation and an x-ray.  If you would like a consultation for your hammer toe pain I can help.  Call to make an appointment with me at 425-391-8666 or make an online appointment.


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