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Dr Timothy Young, a board certified foot surgeon talks about Reversing a Bunion: Understanding the Causes, Treatment Options, and Prevention Part 2

Surgical Intervention:

Bunionectomy: In some cases where conservative treatments are not effective, a bunionectomy may be necessary. This surgical procedure involves realigning the affected structures and bones to correct the deformity. The specific surgical technique used will depend on the severity and complexity of the bunion.

Preventive Measures:

It is often not possible to prevent bunions however, certain measures can help slow down their progression or reduce the likelihood of developing them:

a. Footwear choices: Look for shoes that provide extra room for the toes, have a wide toe box, and have good arch support.

b. Avoid high heeled shoes: Wearing high-heeled shoes can exacerbate existing bunions or increase the risk of developing them.

c. Maintain a healthy weight: Excess body weight can put extra pressure on the feet, potentially worsening bunions.

d. Exercises and stretches: Regular foot exercises and stretches can help strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility.

Dr. Young's Postoperative Swelling Tips


Reversing a bunion involves a comprehensive approach combining conservative treatments, such as good footwear and orthotic devices, with surgical treatments if necessary. Early preventive measures are helpful steps in treating bunions effectively. If you are experiencing foot pain or notice a bunion forming, please contact our clinic.  We specialize in bunion treatments.

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