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Dr Brandon Nelson, A Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon Discusses The Lapiplasty Bunion Procedure

Bunion and bunion pain affects millions of people per year.  It creates pain around your big toe and can decrease quality of life.  The pain can become so intense or make it difficult to wear shoes often people would like it removed.  Bunion surgery has been around for over 100 years however recently a new technique called the Lapiplasty has changed the recovery times and improved outcomes.

The lapiplasty is a 3-D bunion correction system that has helped to address the bunion at its origin.  This procedure works to stabilize the foot and realign the metatarsal bone.  It has been shown to have very low recurrence rates and great long-term outcomes. 

There are a few reasons it has proved to be a game changer.  One, is correcting the bunion deformity by fixing both the angular and rotational deformity of the bunion.  Two, it has a faster recovery over the traditional bunion surgery.  Three, it reduces complications including stiffness and improved joint stability.

I have found this new system to be revolutionary for my patients.  I find it to be the future of bunion surgery. If you would like a consultation on your bunion I can help.  Call to make an appointment with me at 425-391-8666 or schedule an appointment online. 

austin bunionectomy

Bunion pain is a common presentation at my clinic.  We see a large percentage of bunion patients wanting consultations for surgery.  Bunion surgery is highly successful and moderate techniques provide decrease healing times and decreased postoperative pain.  It is important to understand that there are many different types of bunion surgery that can be performed.  The primary indicator for bunion surgery selection is the overall foot structure and the size of the bunion.

Over the years I have seen many different types of bunion surgery come in and out of favor.  It is important to realize there are a few procedures that have been around for years and continue to be the work courses of bunion surgery.  The most common bunion surgery performed in the United States is was called a head procedure or an Austin type bunionectomy.

The Austin bunionectomy involves repairing of the small some medium size bunion.  It consists of cutting the first metatarsal head in a Chevron type fashion and then moving the head in a lateral position towards the fifth metatarsal.  Additionally some bone is typically shaved off the medial aspect or the inside of the first metatarsal head and some soft tissue is released laterally.  This is a great procedure provides wonderful correction in the majority of patients are able to fully walk after this procedure.

If you have bunion pain and are interested in having a surgical consultation please make an appointment today or give us a call at 425-391-8666 and I’ll happily help get it fixed. 


Dr. Brandon Nelson

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