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Bunions are often a painful condition especially when trying to fit certain shoes or exercise.  Let us first discuss what a bunion is then how we can relieve the pain. 

A bunion results from a combination of familial inheritance and environmental factors.  Meaning that if you do not have a genetic predisposition for a bunion, you will not create one by adding outside forces to your foot.    Where this becomes important for example is high heel shoes.  If you have a family history of bunions and you wear high heels you can accelerate the process of development of the bunion.  Or if you are an avid exerciser like a runner this can speed up the development of a bunion. 

So what is a bunion?  Well, there is a common misconception that a bunion is growth.  This is not true nothing grows with a bunion it is from a misaligned bone in the foot.  The culprit is the 1st metatarsal.  This bone begins to shift out of place and cause a bulge on the inside of the foot and continues to get worse until the big toe has rotated.  The bunion will get bigger as time goes on and often can begin to force the other toes out of position.  Bunions at this point become painful and hard to fit in shoes.

What can be done for bunion pain?  There are a lot of different things I can provide to relieve bunion pain.  It really requires an evaluation of the bunion.  But generally, wider shoes can help and prevent going barefoot.  There are other options that provide more relief, but it really depends on the stage of the bunion.

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