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Dr. Timothy 
Young, a board-certified foot surgeon discusses treatment options for arthritis of the ankle.
Arthritis of the ankle can be a challenging problem to treat. This is a condition that can happen years after an injury with posttraumatic arthritis, degenerative joint disease and arthritic spurs or osteophytes. Some of the internal damage to the joint can involve damage to the cartilage. The end result is pain in the joint, especially with motion and with activity.
Treatment for arthritis can range from supplements to help decrease some of the inflammation and pain anti-inflammatory pain medication, braces to help limit motion, antiInflammatories, topical and oral, changing activities, or surgery.

However, there is another treatment option that is extremely effective.  Synthetic joint lubricants can offer relief quickly they can last for a year or longer.
Prior to this type of treatment, it was common to do cortisone injections. However, cortisone can further damage the joint overtime and. Cortisone injections are a short-term fix that can have long-term residual damage to the joint: weakening the existing cartilage.  Repeated injections can also weaken the bone.  Surgery can offer relief but takes significant time to heal.  There are ankle implants and there is fusion of the ankle.

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