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Dr Timothy Young, a Board Certified Foot Surgeon Talks About Special Achilles Exercise Therapy

This is an extremely effective treatment for Achilles tendon problems. It's also very helpful for strengthening the calf muscle, and for improving balance. The premise of this is that you calf muscle is "firing" as it's getting longer - this is synonymous with deceleration as opposed to a normal muscle contracture where the muscle is getting shorter which is considered acceleration.

Key points:
-Use your upper body strength to raise your heal and then use your calf muscle to lower slowly. The best way to do this is with your hands supported on a high countertop and your feet on the floor with a raised forefoot
· Mild discomfort is okay.
· It is important to build up with this exercise and not do too much too soon.
· Some individuals add additional weight using a backpack
· Lower your heel slowly and it should be lower relative to your forefoot. Therefore some people would use a 1 inch block/book under the ball of the foot
· Start off with both feet simultaneously then add each foot individually.

The traditional Repetitions:
3 x 15 straight knee, then 3 x 15 with bent knee.
Frequency: Twice daily for 12 weeks

The toned down version:
Initially doing a set of 30 using both right and left simultaneously
After several weeks doing more:
An additional set of 30 on the right side
An additional set of 30 on the left side

Example below would be even better if the hands were on a high countertop
Screen Shot 2022 01 12 at 2.44.38 PM

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