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heel pain out of bed in the morning

Heel pain and heel spur syndrome are painful conditions that can affect everyday life and make walking and exercise miserable.  I see patients that have been suffering for years from this and have tried to live with it.  I encourage anybody with heel pain or bone spurs to seek help earlier as it is much easier to rectify this situation with early intervention. 

Heel pain is often caused by plantar fasciitis.  The plantar fascia is a large thick band of connective tissue that helps to hold up the arch.  It is activated when you walk or exercise to provide dynamic control of the foot.   It can become extremely painful with overuse and create a considerable cycle of pain.  Usually, the pain is worse in the morning, then gets a little better as the day goes on but returns anytime you sit down or rest.  Currently there are many great treatment options for fasciitis, however the underlying cause needs to be identified. 

Heel spur syndrome often occurs with plantar fasciitis.  This is when a bone spur develops on the heel bone or calcaneus.  It is often on the site where the plantar fascia attaches and can be a result of long-term tension from the fascia.  It can be difficult to determine if it is the bone spur or the fascia that is inflamed.  Both can be present at the same time and often testing is needed to differentiate the sources of pain. 

I understand that heel pain can be life altering and am here to help. 

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