Soft Tissue Growth and Bunions.

Soft Tissue Growth and Bunions.

Bunion xray

Dr. Timothy Young Talks About Ganglion Cyst Developing Over a Bunion. 

This is not uncommon. In addition to a typical bunion it is possible to have a superimposed fluid filled sac. This could either be a ganglion cyst or a bursa sac.  During surgery, if the ganglion cyst or bursa sack is removed without addressing the underlying structure bunion problem, then there is a high likelihood of recurrence of the problem. The ganglion cyst can come back again, because the underlying capsule needs repairing along with the bunion that caused the problem. 

If you are concerned about a possible ganglion cyst or a soft tissue growth on top of your bunion and would like to discuss this, please contact myself Dr. Timothy Young or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson. We both work at Foot Surgical Center of Issaquah. This serves the Greater Seattle Area, including Bellevue Issaquah and Redmond.

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