Chronic Heel Pain

Friday, 16 November 2018 05:59

Chronic Heel Pain

Chronic heel pain can have many limiting factors in our daily lives. I see patients that cannot enjoy a long hike, can no longer workout or even just enjoy a walk with their spouse. I have a personal interest in this condition and enjoy helping patients recover and gain their lives back. I typically see patients that have seen multiple other providers and have tried all kinds of therapy and treatments. I think it is paramount a proper diagnosis is made as many pathologies can be associated with heel pain.

That being said, the most common is still plantar fasciitis. However, it is possible for two pathologies to play a role in symptoms and often other tests need to be ordered. For people with chronic fasciitis two of the best long term treatment options include dry needling or amniofix injections. First dry needling, this is not something that your physical therapist or acupuncturist does. This procedure is done by a physician that has been trained in this technique. For a long time our clinic was the only clinic in the United States trained in this procedure. It was developed by an Italian surgeon that trained us and has subsequently published articles on the efficacy of this technique. Amniofix is another option, we see it works extremely well for patients with small tears in their fascia. It is an injectable and has great supporting literature. If you suffer from heel pain schedule an appointment today to get your life back.

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