Bone Spurs, Corns and Pressure Points on Your Toes

Bone Spurs, Corns and Pressure Points on Your Toes

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Dr. Timothy Young talks about removing a bone spur and corns and pressure points on your toes.

There are different types of bone spurs. Our focus today is on the 5th toe and problems when it overlaps the 4th toe. The inside or medial aspect of the 5th toe has a natural prominence where the medial condyle of the toe pushes against the adjacent side of the 4th toe. If this bone is enlarged we call it a bone spur or exostosis. This pressure point can become a red irritated patch of skin, or it can become a thickening of skin called a corn, or it can get so bad that the skin becomes an open wound.

Some of our patients are fortunate and roomier shoes or pads can alleviate the problem. Some of our patients just want the problem to go away and to have the bone spur removed.

The procedure to remove the bone spur is one of the easiest foot procedures we provide. Once the toe has local anesthetic, the procedure involves a tiny incision and then a special instrument is used to smooth down the bone enlargement. The site is flushed and a steristrip or a single suture can be used. A roomy shoe or surgical shoe can be used for a week and then use a gym shoe for another week and you are done. The recovery is very minimal and you are done. Problem solved. At Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have an onsite surgical center that can save you time and money.

If you have a problem like this, please come in to discuss it with myself – Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner – Dr. Brandon Nelson.

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