Ultrasound-Guided Cortisone Injection

When guided by ultrasound imaging, cortisone injections can be delivered to the exact location necessary to bring pain relief. Because the imaging technology is so precise, we are able to use a lower dosage, because we know the cortisone will hit its target. An injection for plantar fasciitis is most effective between the plantar fascia and the fat pad on the bottom of the foot.

Cortisone injections are often used in conjunction with other treatments and can compliment procedures like dry needling. We also use our TENS unit to virtually eliminate pain associated with the injections. Many patients avoid needles and are especially wary of injections on sensitive areas like their feet. However, this is why we utilize nerve stimulation to virtually eliminate the sensation of the injection.

Injections may take two to three days before the cortisone injection is effective. This is because the cortisone has a longer acting component in a crystalline form and will take time after the injection to become usable by the body. Pain from plantar fasciitis will likely still be noticeable during this time and could possibly be magnified until the cortisone is absorbed. However, once the cortisone has passed this period, there is a dramatic reduction in pain and inflammation.

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