Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Posterior tibial tendonitis refers to inflammation of the tibial tendon, which is located in the back portion of the lower leg.  This condition can occur through a variety of physical activities that are either performed incorrectly or with excess.  These activities can include dancing, running or swimming.  This condition can also occur when there's been some type of trauma to the lower part of the body, such as a car accident.  Patients that suffer from arthritis are also susceptible to posterior tibial tendonitis.  One of the most common ways to acquire this condition is through improperly walking.  Symptoms of posterior tibial tendonitis include: pain or edema near the arch of the foot or inner side of the ankle; pain that increases in severity as the individual rises up on the ball of the foot or when the foot is extended in the upright position; or tiredness in the foot after minimal activity.  Treatment of posterior tibial tendonitis can include resting the foot, bracing or casting the foot to protect it when walking, physical therapy or in some cases, surgery.

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