Bunion Surgery Costs

The cost of bunion surgery can vary greatly depending upon the severity of the bunion, the procedure, insurance coverage and facility charges. However, the Washington Bunion Center, a division of Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists, offers bunion surgery at our own ambulatory surgery facility located within our offices. Because we can perform the majority of our bunion surgeries in our own facility, in a comfortable outpatient setting, patients typically spend much less on their procedure and enjoy a more comfortable environment.

“With our own onsite surgery center you can save thousands of dollars by having bunion correction procedures performed here versus a hospital or a free standing ambulatory surgery center. We provide experienced surgeons, comfortable environment and cost savings compared to other facilities. This is why many patients travel from all over the state to visit us.”

Bunion surgery cost can vary, especially concerning insurance providers. The doctors of the Washington Bunion Center provide the same procedures performed in a hospital, in their surgery center for a lower cost to patients. Insurance coverage will be verified before surgery and cost structure explained in full detail prior to procedure.

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