Bunion Pain

Are you experiencing pain related to a bunion?

If you experience pain on the inside of your foot at the joint of your big toe and experience the following, it is likely a bunion…

  • Swelling or redness in the same region
  • A burning sensation or numbness in your big toe
  • Decreased range of motion of your big toe joint
  • Painful bursa (fluid-filled sac) on the inside of your foot at the big toe joint
  • Pain in this area while wearing shoes – especially shoes too narrow or high heeled shoes
  • Pain in this area during activities
  • Development of  a corn in between your big toe and second toe
  • Callous formation in this region

You do not have to live with a painful bunion that prevents you from participating in activities or wearing your favorite pair of shoes. Bunions are a progressive disorder that if left untreated may require surgery to reconstruct the foot. Many people will deal with bunion pain until it becomes unbearable and by this point surgery is more commonly recommended if the deformity has progressed to this point. There are corrective measures that can be performed to correct or slow the progression of a bunion deformity so early intervention is best.

What can be done about bunion pain?

In addition to the bunion treatments provided by the Washington Bunion Center many people find some relief from these simple tips:

Wear shoes with a wide toebox
A little extra room can go a long way to easing the pain and pressure on your toes.

High heels can lead to high levels of pain
If you cannot avoid wearing high heels, or shudder at the thought, wear them in moderation.
Wear shoes that fit properly
We are putting together a quick guide for finding the right shoes for bunion sufferers. Check back as we continue to put it together. Once we have it complete we will email it out to you if you like. So please check back soon for a link here. Here is a tip in the meantime… Did you know that your feet are often slightly larger toward the end of the day? After spending time on your feet your feet will swell slightly and because of this we recommend that this is the best time for shoe shopping.

There are many devices, pads and cushions that used to ease the pain of bunions. The local drugstore likely has a variety of options. However, it may be best to have us evaluate your bunions and we can recommend the best solution that will provide you with relief.

Did you know that bunions are hereditary? Not the bunions themselves, but the structure of your feet that leads to the development of bunions is hereditary. The structure of your feet will predispose you to certain foot conditions and bunions are no exception. Orthotics are custom made devices that provide the correct type of support your feet need based on their unique structure. Orthotic devices are available at your local drugstore, however they do not provide the unique support that your feet need. Custom made prescription orthotics address many issues that are related to ones unique foot structure and gait.

Slip off your shoes once in a while
When you have the chance to let your feet out of restricting shoes, take advantage of it.

The best course of action
Bunions are progressive and can become painful protrusions of the foot that can affect your ability to enjoy your favorite activities, or even your favorite shoes. Therefore, the best course of action is early evaluation and treatment. To have your bunions evaluated request an appointment today using the link below or call us.

Bunion Treatments

Start learning about the latest bunion treatments provided by the Washington Bunion Center.

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