Bone Bruise

What is it:

This is usually some type of impact injury to a bone that causes internal damage to the bone.  This could be from a bad fracture or sprain involving the foot or ankle.
This is a type of problem that one would not see on typical radiographs but rather one would be able to diagnose with an MRI.
After the bone bruise there can be damage to the internal structure of bone in a specific location.  For example this could involve a circular area that is 5 mm in diameter. 
Within this area the blood supply to the bone becomes damaged and the bone itself may become nonviable.  On MRI the radiologist may describe this as  a focal area of bone marrow edema.
What can happen with a bone bruise.  The problem is, that a bone bruise doesn't always heal with normal bone healing and it can become a long-term cystlike area within the bone where there is an absence of normal bone structure.  If this is in the middle of the bone it is possible for this to cause some deep discomfort and/or pain.
But it also can cause a problem at this area of bone is directly beside a joint.  The problem in this case would be that thebone directly beside the joint usually is supportive to the cartilage.  Without the structure of the bone to support the cartilage can become damaged and loose.  The cartilage can tear and can develop a defect such as an osteochondral defect within the ankle.  Typically these don't heal well.


What can be done, a very proactive treatment would be to take bone healing supplements right after any type of severe foot or ankle injury even if there has not been an MRI and even if there is not fracture involvement.  This is proactive to help support the best possible outcome in regard to bonehealing from any potential underlying bone bruise.
In addition.  There are instances where  an MRI has been ordered and bone bruise is identified by the radiologist.  In this case if it is severe enough there are instances where may be helpful to order a bone stimulation device.  For example some use the technology of pulsed electronegative magnetic fields, or ultrasound technology and these are routinely used with spinal fusions and often use with foot and ankle surgery involving bone healing.  
If they're not caught early and not treated early which is often the case, as mentioned above bone bruises often lead to long-term cystic changes within the bone and potentially problems with a lack of structure for the adjacent articular cartilage.  
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