So, What Causes A Bunion?

Bunions are a progressive disorder. They begin with a leaning of the big toe (or the little toe, in the case of a Tailor’s bunion), gradually changing the angle of the bones over the years and slowly resulting in the characteristic bump or protrusion. As the condition progresses, this bump will become increasingly prominent. Symptoms usually appear at later stages, although some people may never have symptoms.

Bunions are a common foot deformity that can be inherited or occur as a result of repeated stress to the joint. It is not the bunion itself that is inherited, but certain foot types that make a person prone to developing a bunion. Not wearing proper sized footwear that crowd one’s toes will not cause bunions, however it can contribute to the progression of the deformity. As a result, symptoms may appear sooner with improper footwear.

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