What is The Small Bump on the Bottom of My Foot?

What is The Small Bump on the Bottom of My Foot?

That is a tough question. It is really hard to know what the bump is. However, some of the most common bumps include a plantar fibroma or a porokeratosis (a plugged sweat gland and a plantar verruca wart). That being said you should always have them examined by a foot and ankle physician.

Plantar Fibromas are usually located in the arch and are often a hard small bump. They can spread and enlarge with time. These are growths of collagen that can often be found in people of Scandinavian descent. The treatment of choice was once considered surgical excision but no longer is that the case. Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists has a non-surgical approach that has about a 90% success rate. So if other physicians have told you there is nothing to be done get a second opinion from us.

Porokeratosis is usually located in the front of the foot or under the metatarsal bones. There are many theories on these from plugged sweat glands to mechanical friction. The best treatment options for these are to address the cause, ie mechanics or bone spurs or plugged glands. Treatment usually entails removing the source and/or applying topical medications.

Plantar Verucca typically we see on children and a few adults. These look like a normal wart but are on the foot. They can be found singularly or in groups. The hardest ones to treat are on the bottom of the foot as this is the thickest skin in the human body. Most wart treatments consist of trimming and apply medications to them. They can usually be cleared up in two or three visits.

Do not take a wait and see approach to lumps and bumps. The majority are very easy to treat and can be resolved with minimal effort. If you have a lump or bump contact Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists or give us a call at 425-391-8666.