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Our past patients have one thing in common: they’re no longer suffering from daily pain and discomfort. View our testimonials to read our patients’ descriptions of treatments for neuromas, bunions, fungal nails, plantar fasciitis, and more.
  • He Is The Most Caring Physician I Have Ever Encountered
    Dr. Young performed surgery in his Issaquah surgical suite. I had a bone spur removed and a repair from a previous surgery. He is the most caring physician I have ever encountered and I have plenty of experience with physicians. He is efficient and skilled and has a wonderful staff. His office was open until noon on Christmas Eve so he could do follow up on his surgical patients from that week. He is a dedicated professional and I would highly recommend him...The office called the night before to ensure I followed presurgery instructions. During my preop appointment I was given the needed perscriptions, walking boot and the perscription to get my handicap parking permit. The surgery was held right on schedule and I received a follow up call that night as well as the next day. I have had weekly postop appointments since and I am very pleased with the results. I can't say enough about this caring, talented physician and his staff.A.S. - Issaquah, WA
  • I Would Recommend Dr. Nelson To Anyone Who Is Suffering From Foot/Ankle Pain.
    When I first saw Dr. Nelson I had been diagnosed with Parkinson's. Pain in my left foot was unbearable and we were not sure if it was related to the PD or was something new. X-rays showed damage to my left Achilles tendon and heel. Also present was a stress fracture. Dr. Nelson treated my problem conservatively at first and then felt surgery was necessary to make the repairs. Three month later, there is no pain and my gait is normal. I would recommend Dr. Nelson to anyone who is suffering from foot/ankle pain. He is very caring and gentle and listens to his patients. I was extremely impressed that an entire medical practice could be this professional.J.R. - WA (Thank you, very much for the kind words J.R.)
  • I Was Lucky Enough To Run Across Issaquah Foot And Ankle.
    After 6 months of being seen by my primary care and referred out to a DPM in my area. I was told there was basically nothing they could do for my toe infection besides antibiotics. I kept telling them that, I thought there was something still in my toe. I had two previous procedures that had removed many pieces of nail. I was in excruxiating pain and frustrated with not knowing exactly what was going on. I knew there was something wrong, it could not just "all be in my head" I then decided to find my own DPM for a second opinion. I was lucky enough to run across Issaquah Foot and Ankle. The staff there is great and Doctor Nelson listened to my concerns. He was able to explain to me what was going on with my infection and what my treatment options were. The pain in my toe is almost completely gone and there are no signs of infection after the surgery they performed. The staff followed up with phone calls before and after surgery. I was impressed to have a follow up phone call from doctor Nelson after surgery to see how I was doing. It was nice to know my care was important to them and that they do treat their patients like family. If I ever have any problems with my feet again, I will be going back to Dr. Nelson.C.K. - Cle Elum, WA
  • You Did A Great Job With The Surgery To Correct My Bunions
    Dr. Young, I appreciate the thorough care that you provided. You did a great job not only with the surgery to correct my bunions, but also letting me know what to expect during the postoperative period.Harborview Emergency Room Nurse, Seattle, WA
  • Dr. Nelson Casted Me For Orthotics And The Orthotics Completely Eliminated My Pain.
    I was having pain with every step, I even found myself limping. Dr. Nelson casted me for orthotics and the orthotics completely eliminated my pain. Thanks Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists!Alexus - age 13 - Issaquah, WA
  • Now I Feel I Could Be A Spokesperson For Dr. Young And Orthotics.
    Prior to coming to Dr. Young, I didn't believe in orthotics. Now I feel I could be a spokesperson for Dr. Young and orthotics.F.M. - Bellevue, WA (This patient's main complaint was heel pain (plantar fasciitis).
  • My Akle Felt Completely Stable And Secure.
    Dr Young, Just wanted to provide feedback on the ankle support (the one with the vertical plastic strips which laces up) you provided me. I used it for two 6 mile hikes on Sat and Sun and it was fantastic. The fit in my hiking boot was great and the comfort couldn't have been better. My akle felt completely stable and secure. It clearly did its job because I had 3 slips and slides and my ankle was perfectly protected. I couldn't be happier! I feel I can now head out on long hikes with little likelihood of re-injuring my ankle and getting stranded far from my car. The propreoceptive education and exercises were equally as benificial. Thanks so much for your help.Kevin. - WA (Thank you Kevin, happy trails!)
  • After Five Injections My Pain Is Gone And I Am Walking Around Greenlake Again!
    After five years of living with my Mortons' Neuroma, after being told there was nothing that could be done, I found Dr. Nelson at the Issaquah Foot and Ankle Center. I researched a new procedure and learned that it was offered here. After five injections my pain is gone and I am walking around Greenlake again! Dr. Nelson is professional and honest, what a great staff.T.J. - Seattle
  • He Quickly Diagnosed My Foot Pain And Has Helped Me To Be Pain Free From Plantar Fasciitis In A Surprisingly Short Time.
    Dr. Nelson has been a very friendly and engaging doctor, who quickly diagnosed my foot pain and has helped me to be pain free from plantar fasciitis in a surprisingly short time.J.J. - Sammamish, WA
  • We Still Travel Back To Your Clinic Because Of The Special Technique That You Have Developed To Make Injections Less Painful.
    Dr. Young, our family has moved across the state. But, we still travel back to your clinic because of the special technique that you have developed to make injections less painful.K.M. - Issaquah, WA
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