Minimally Invasive Bunion Procedures

I get quite a few questions from patients each week pertaining to minimally invasive bunion procedures. The idea of minimally invasive surgeon is attractive to patients as is usually means less healing time and smaller scars. The concept of a minimally invasive bunion has been around for decades and continues to come in and out of favor. The major problem I see is that patients often can find a physician willing to do this procedure when it is not an appropriate procedure to select i.e. the patient has a very large bunion or other complicating factors like a flatfoot. I find the minimally invasive bunion procedure to be reliable and easily producible but proper patient selection is of the utmost importance. I see hundreds of patients a year and am happy to provided consultations or second opinions on bunions and bunion surgery. Our practice has an onsite surgery center which is a huge time savings and cost savings for patients. We see the average patient save tens of thousands of dollars as compared to having the surgery performed at a hospital.
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