When is the Right Time to Fix my Bunions as I Get Older?

I hear this question a lot from our patients. There are several different things to consider. But there are other things to think about, for example is the bunion rapidly getting worse? As our patients get older over time that's another consideration - you want to treat it while you still can heal without problems. For example as we all get older our bone healing capacity slows down and can be more of a challenge. If you wait or put it off 10 or 20 years even though it is still quite significant, then there is the risk that as you get older you are no longer a good candidate for surgery that involves significant bone healing. And the problem is that over time some problems such as bunions can become so deformed and crippling that they limit physical activity and the ability to wear normal shoes.


The other problem is that sometimes the type of procedure needed to fix the bunion is more involved as you procrastinate, as the bunion becomes more and more deformed. Also in some cases, the surgical treatment would be partial correction because the full correction procedure is one that you can't heal from if you wait too long.


Remember that bone healing capacity always seems to slow down with age, and women are more affected than men. With this in mind, you do not want to leave a bunion that could be crippling later in life and could no longer be treated successfully or fully corrected. You do want to make sure that you get it treated while you are healthy and young and able to heal quickly without complications.


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