What to Consider Before Having Bunion Surgery

When considering bunion surgery it’s important to have the bunion evaluated by a foot and ankle physician who performs a significant amount of these procedures. At Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists we perform bunion surgeries every single Monday and have performed thousands of procedures. We perform primary and revisional bunion surgeries weekly and have great success rates. There are many different types of bunion surgeries that can be performed from open to minimally invasive. We will help patients decide which is appropriate at this stage of their bunion.

Some patients we see we recommend no bunion procedure should be done at this point. However others are candidates for corrective bunionectomies at this stage. The great thing about our clinic is we have an on-site surgery center which is a huge cost and time savings. IV sedation is performed and a nerve block which eliminates any sort of pain during the operative procedure. If you have a bunion and are considering having surgery or would like to review some other conservative measures make an appointment with our Issaquah Podiatrists today or give us a call at 425-391-8666.

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