Vitamin D and Bunion Surgery


The majority of bunion surgery requires some type of bone healing.  We typically do an osteotomy (bone cut similar to a fracture) that would require bone healing.  Or, we may consider a fusion of the joints to realign the first metatarsal, in this case we are removing the cartilage and preparing the joint to be fused.  These procedures will require screw or plate fixation to allow for the bone healing.  It is also important for the body to be in its best nutritional and physiological condition for bone healing.  This means it is important to have the proper amount of calcium, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin K 2.  There are other nutritional elements that also help with this.  It is surprising to me how many people, especially here in the Northwest that are vitamin D deficient.  This means that when they do have bunion surgery (that requires bone healing) there will be a delay or challenge with bone healing.  If you have not had your vitamin D levels checked previously, then it may be helpful to have this checked.  And vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin so it can take some time to build up her proper level and it is possible to get too much.  But that is rarely the problem.  We routinely recommend that our patient's take "Ortho Pro Bono" bone healing supplement during the postoperative phase.  It is even a good idea to take the vitamin D well before the surgery is planned.  If there is any doubt or question about potential low vitamin D please let us know and we can order a blood test.  If you would like to discuss potential bunion surgery or have questions about the process or nutrition involved with this, please feel free to set up a consultation with either Dr. Brandon Nelson or Dr. Timothy Young (myself).

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